A Dark Mage working for the Aurum. Low level errand boy.


Physical Ward (encounter power)- Resist 10 physical damage for 1d4 turns plus wis mod(3). Vulnerable to Magic 5 while active.
Magical Ward (encounter power)- resist 10 magic dmg for 1d4+Wis (3). Vulnerable to Physical dmg 5 while active.
Only one ward can be active at once.
Fireball- 6 vs reflex, 1d83 dmg
Ice Blade- at will- Standard action, summons an ice sword, +5 vs ac and slows target on hit for 1 turn.
Earthquake-(encounter) Blast 5, +5 vs Reflex, 1d10 +4 dmg and knocked prone. Caster grants +4 CA and is dazed next turn.


He wants to rise in the ranks of the Aurum because his father was nothing but a lowly servant for them and never amounted to anything. He blames his fathers low status and inability to move cash and influence on his mothers death.


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