A huge sword covered in flowing runes, it posseses massive power if it is unleashed.

weapon (melee)

Value: 10,000
2nd level Unlocked (lvl 5-10)
stats: 1d20+STR MOD, 5 vs AC, -2 to stealth and acro (can not have any powers added to it.)
3rd Level unlock (lvl 11-20)
value: 30,000
Stats: 1d20
3+STR MOD, 10 vs AC, +1 to STR related skill checks
4TH LEVEL UNLOCK!!! (lvl 21-30)
Value: 500,000
Stats: 3d10
6+STR MOD, +26 vs AC, +7 to STR related checks.


The sword was forged in the demon wastes by Hash Kaltar, a Rajah from 10K years ago. As he was being bound he laid a curse upon the sword so that no one would use his precious Grasgar.


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